No doubt about it, girls love gymnastics. Whether it’s on the front lawn or at the beach or park, the girls are busy cartwheeling about. And while they are enjoying their gymnastics lessons at the Hampton Gymnastics Center, they are also reaping all of the benefits that gymnastics has to offer. These include increased balance, strength, flexibility, agility, and spatial awareness. Students also achieve improved decision making and self confidence.

Spacial awareness refers to an awareness of ones body position while in motion. This includes rotating (flipping or rolling) and twisting. All of these attributes are important to the gymnast. But these benefits also have, what experts refer to as, “Carry Over Value.” In other words, gymnastics training improves an athletes performance in any other sport or academic endeavor. In the majority of sports, one’s balance can be lost due to contact or by sheer momentum. In gymnastics, while tumbling, vaulting in the trampoline or apparatus, the gymnast deliberately goes off balance and learns to control the result through an increase in spatial awareness. Think of the positive impact this training while have on girls and boys as they pursue any other sport or academic endeavors.


Celebrating Our 20th Year

2018 marks our 20th year of keeping kids active at Hampton Gymnastics!!  We are proud of this fine accomplishment and look forward to another great year.  Please check our calendar for registration days and times for all of our fall 2018 programs. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 631-874-3966 for more info!


Welcome to the All-New!

kid-on-donutLot’s of Good Things on the Way!

Welcome to the newly-redesigned website for We hope you like the new look. We’ve got a lot of things in store for you. We’re still working on a few things but soon you can expect to see a calendar of events with class schedules and registration dates, a regular newsletter with info about upcoming programs and other great info, and lots of great pictures of kids having tons of fun!

More of the Information You Need

Right now you can get information on all of our class offerings, as well as birthday party and summer camp information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. See you on the balance beam!